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Pokemon Wish is a new rom hack that is made by extensive planning. This game takes place in the Acromia region with beautiful towns and places. Download Pokemon Wish ROM latest version now.


The Acromia Region has a rich history spanning thousands of years, including the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires on its diverse terrain. Many years ago, the Ancient Acromians made contact with forces they couldn’t handle and, due to their arrogance, caused widespread destruction. To bring about peace and prosperity, a group of heroes led by a young woman sought the help of the Wishmaker and its five guardian keys to end the senseless violence and conflicts caused by their people.

A new and controversial administration currently governs Acromia, while the Cult of Black Star attempts to bring back the Wishmaker for their malicious intentions. A brave young hero is tasked with assisting the questionable Professor Aspen. In the process, they will face numerous challenges, form lifelong friendships and alliances, and discover the ancient history of their ancestors. Navigating a world becoming increasingly hostile towards those who do not conform, our heroes must be cautious while retaining their youthful purity.

Do you know who the new President of Acromia is and what her goals are? Additionally, why is the Black Star Cult attempting to revive the Wishmaker? Who or what is guiding our hero? Lastly, will our heroes prevail in their mission to challenge the Acromia League and fill the Pokedex? As a player, you are responsible for uncovering the answers to all these questions and more. Rest assured, we will address them all. Also, try Pokemon Phoenix Rising.


  • Entirely new region to discover.
  • A unique set of characters, mythology, and occurrences.
  • During the main campaign, there are over 450 Pokemon available.
  • The mechanics have been updated to Generation 8, thanks to CFRU( This is what Unbound and Radical Red are based on )
  • Customized learnsets for every Pokemon to help them level up.
  • Custom TM’s and Move Tutors
  • Acromia features Pokemon from all 9 generations. (Gen 9 pending)
  • Gen 3.5 art style
  • Updates to the user interface in Pokemon Wish
  • Dexnav becomes available once you reach a particular point in the story.
  • After completing the game, you can use Mega Evolutions, Z moves, and Dynamax features.
  • Deletable HM’s, only 4 of the 8 required to finish the main campaign
  • Decapitalization of everything you can imagine, the whole game is grammatically correct
  • Day and Night feature that triggers various exciting encounters based on the time of day.
  • 1.5 regions in the game, with the primary campaign set in Acromia and the postgame on connected islands.

Pokemon Wish Download

ROM NamePokémon Wish
Based OnFire Red
CreatorPSI Master



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