Pokémon Water Blue GBA ROM Download

Pokémon Water Blue is a moded version of fire red. The story some like same with some customization. Download Pokemon Water Blue GBA Patched ROM’s latest version.

ROM NamePokemon Water Blue
Based OnFire Red

Pokemon Water Blue Story

The story Is Precisely the same as Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. But if you have never played these games, It is anyhow Return to Kanto full of a whole new chapter into the Pokemon Fire Red game. With brand-new features and new approaches to catch Pokemon, it time for a completely new revolution from the brand-new Pokemon area of Kanto. The overworld contains numerous cities wherein every city, there’s usually a Pokemon Center (where you can heal your pokemon) a Pokemart (in which you can purchase things ).

And lots of Gyms to compete with your Pokemon and find out who’s the most powerful. Besides finishing your Pokedex, beating the gym leaders in every single health centre is your main goal in the tale to becoming a Pokemon League Champion!. If you are looking for an interesting game then try pokemon normal.


  • Blue Protagonist Sprites
  • All Kanto Pokemon are catchable
  • Changed Title Screen
  • Miscellaneous Tweaks


I would like to thanks PokeCommunity and the developer to provide me this information. check out the youtube video for more info on this ROM.

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