Pokemon This Gym of Mine

We are thrilled to introduce a new game called “Pokemon This Gym of Mine” to all of you. In this game, you will assume the role of a Pokemon Gym owner and strive to train your Pokemon to become the top Gym Leader in the region. Download Pokemon This Gym of Mine latest version now and try it.


As the owner of a Pokémon Gym, your role is to maintain its facilities and keep it in excellent condition for Trainers to bring their Pokémon to train. To achieve this, you must keep the gym clean and well-maintained and ensure that you have enough Poke Balls and other necessary items. Additionally, you must take care of your Pokémon, ensuring they are healthy and content.

Firstly, you need to select the type of gym you want to have. Once you have decided on the ideal type, you can start preparing your gym.

When new Trainers arrive at your gym, it is essential to warmly welcome them and assist them in signing up. You will then guide them to the designated training areas and help them get started. Upon completing their training, you will be responsible for determining if they have met the requirements for a badge. If they have, you will distribute the badge and bid them farewell in Pokemon This Gym of Mine.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine Story

pokemon this gym of mine

Before you, the previous gym leader did not make any improvements and instead caused damage to the city. It is now your responsibility to repair and enhance the city. Initially, the residents may not be welcoming, but their attitude will likely change as you defeat other gym leaders.

In Starting of Pokemon This Gym of Mine, the first step is choosing a preferred Pokemon gym type and a signature Pokemon. You can always change and make new choices as you move forward in the game.

Once selected, the player will meet the town mayor, Dalton, who will share progress updates and essential information about the township. Dalton will act as the primary source of news throughout the game. The first task will involve managing Umbal City and improving its leadership status. This marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the Pokemon gym. Try Pokemon Infinite Fusion.


  1. Background Music: You’ll hear brand-new background music when you play the game.
  2. Gym Badges: In this game, the gym badges are updated weekly with new additions, ensuring that players remain engaged and attached to the game.
  3. Generation 7 Battle mechanics: The 7th generation battle mechanics will enhance the gameplay and assist players in defeating challenging opponents, such as the Elite Four.
  4. Wild Battles: You’ll love Double Wild Battles. This type of battle involves two trainers facing off against each other.
  5. Infinite TM: In Pokemon This Gym of Mine, you’ll have access to an endless number of TMs. These special commands can help boost your team’s power and prepare you for challenges, including those at the local gym.
  6. New Moves And Abilities: Pokemon This Gym OF Mine is unique because it offers new moves and abilities from generations 4 and 5. These abilities are exclusive to certain types of Pokemon games, such as Pokemon X and Y, and are considered special features.
  7. Pokemon Champion League: In this game, you can compete against other trainers to become the best through the Pokemon Champion League. The game offers various leagues for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players to join and enjoy.
  8. Select from a range of gym equipment options to aid in the training and evolution of your Pokemon.
  9. Use the new training journal feature to monitor your Pokemon’s progress.
  10. Engage in friendly battles with other trainers to showcase your Pokemon’s power.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine Download

Game NamePokémon This Gym of Mine
Versionv 4.2.2

You can play this game on your PC without needing an emulator. It’s a fan-made game that requires you to download and extract the zip file before playing.



If you’re a gamer looking for a unique gameplay experience, Pokemon This Gym of Mine is an excellent game. It’s a simple and enjoyable game suitable for all ages. It’s easy to understand and follow, making it a great way to pass the time. Additionally, This Gym of Mine provides an opportunity to learn about the various types of Pokemon and how they can be used in battle.

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