Pokémon Super Rising Thunder! GBA Rom Download

Pokémon Super Rising Thunder! is a game based on Ruby. Download Pokémon Super Rising Thunder GBA Patched Rom latest version.

ROM NamePokémon Super Rising Thunder!
Based OnRuby
CreatorPerri Lightfoot
VersionAlpha 2

Pokémon Super Rising Thunder! Story

Greet to a world with no Gyms, no Marts, no Pokémon Centers and no Pokéballs. One busy road is broken and overgrown with plants and towns. Bustling once upon a time – invented in mouldering ruins, the house only to scavenging creatures and ignored history. The citizens of your small village rumour about a story – passed down to them through untold ages. It was detailing a series of crushing, disturbing Beams that had finished what was once. It is said, was Eden. The Sparks came from nowhere. The villagers say, and exhaled everything in their paths, leaving disturbing illness in their wake. Nothing that lived anyplace near the Flashes survived, including a strange race of creatures who were said to hold great magic.

This is the world you and your sister were born. Into small, dependent, and honest; and warned from your most growing days. To never take a step from the isolated forest village where your small group of survivors crowded. You were a humble child and not ready to lure destiny. But something hurt within you. All the same. Was the Earth ever really an Eden? What of the magic-wielding monsters. Did they still exist? Had they ever existed? The answers the villagers gave to these questions opposed each other. What was the truth? And was there such thing as a better life?

After a shocking disaster, you fall into a deep sleep and have a strange dream. A great Lord, who dominates you in size and strength. Appears before you and gives you terrible news and a marvellous gift. A horrifying evil that could kill all that remains of the world. Although you are youthful, and although you are little. The Lord trusts in the glorious power of the soul to defeat the evil. You were perhaps paving the way for Eden to start afresh.

The power of “Super Rising Thunder” and the hidden power of a humble young soul. Is it enough to protect your crumbling world? But as adventurous as you are difficult inside. There is one catch. You’re a Pichu.

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  • Classical RPG styled combat. As you move across the ruined land. You will meet others who will join your company and provide their own individual skills.
  • A post-apocalyptic setting. Nuclear bombs from aeons past have applied human settlements into decaying wastelands, and pieces of land dead and worthless of any life.
  • A new storyline– With your tour, you will meet a mixture of Pokémon, both recruitable and NPCs. A fully different story.
  • New Map layouts– Towns have a locus on “natural” mapping, rather than Nintendo form maps. Routes, caves, and other areas have been renewed.
  • No Trainers in the classical sense
  • No HMs or TMs, and few man-made items
  • Naturally learned HMs- HMs are naturally discovered by lots of recruitable party members.
  • Stat/moveset adjustment
  • More excellent difficulty curve– You and your partner might have high stats
  • New scripts
  • New palettes and tilesets.
  • New music- The game uses a lot of song from early Last Fantasy games.
  • New sprites


I will like to thanks the developer to make Pokemon Super Rising Thunder! All the information is taken from PokeCommunity.

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