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Pokemon Stranded is a good game that has many customizations that will blow your mind. This game with looking so much better than other games now. The story is quite different.

ROM NamePokémon Stranded
Based OnFire Red
CreatorEntaro Ceraphenine

VirusTotal:- Check

Pokemon Stranded Story

It was just a typical day as you went out of your home to receive your first Pokemon from Professor Oak and embark on your Pokemon adventure. Did you know it was not a ‘regular’ day? You notice Team Rocket has filled your town and is attempting to steal the Professor’s Pokemon. And upon crashing into one of the grunts, he uses his Drowzee to randomly teleport you to a random island. Not that he cares what appears to you afterward!

And this creates the main plot of the game. You notice yourself on the beach of an isolated, unknown island, and now your purpose is to go back home!

Gather bits of data from various sources and puzzle-piece them mutually to expose the dark, fearful secrets that lived buried within the islands, about which the rest of the world had never known! Guess some of the unexplained puzzles and complete the others through clues spread around the island. Pokemon Unbound also have the best story.


Pokemon Stranded takes a separate route from a popular Pokemon game in various forms. For beginners, you will find no Gyms or regular Pokemon Trainers, no badges, no Pokemon Centers. Also, the main story for the game will be honestly short and sincere, but there will be thousands of side stories. The most significant update of the game will be the increase of new side journeys.

There are two shares to the progress of the game: Main Story and Island Exploration. Island Exploration is the more significant part of the game. For more information, go to PokeCommunity.


  • All the places have made to give the feel of open-world
  • The level of pokemon and trainers will be according to your level
  • You can also be poisoned or get burned in the wild by random pokemon
  • Every route have there on story and program which will not bore you
  • Every event of the game are based on your choice, so choose carefully
  • No again battle if you lose with other trainers
  • The game is full of references that are popular on the Internet
  • A new type of menu designed to create interest
  • A new device through which you can control HMs and TMs
  • Get a reward when you cut tree
  • You will get a particular stone while smashing stone


I would like to thanks the developer and the PokeCommunity for making Pokemon Stranded. Everything is taken from PokeCommunity and Internet. You can also check out their docs.

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