Pokemon Reborn

Experience a unique level of strategy in Pokemon Reborn, a downloadable game designed in the style of Emerald and featuring all content up to Generation 7. Download Pokemon Reborn to discover the innovative Field Effects feature that adds a new dimension to gameplay.

Pokemon Reborn Details

You are the hero that the troubled Reborn City needs. The city is rife with crime and disaster, and it is up to you to fix everything and save it. Are you ready to take on this challenge? It’s your time to shine. Get your Pokemon, train them, teach them moves, and become the best.

Pokemon Reborn is a fan-made game inspired by the popular Pokemon Emerald. It features a remarkable collection of 807 Pokemon from Generation 1 to Generation 7, including customized shiny Pokemon. The game is unique due to its field effect system. Additionally, players can participate in online Trading, battle, and wonder trading.

Many features and exciting events are waiting for you to discover. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure!


  • Field Effects: A fresh battle mechanic that adds an exciting twist to battles and opens possibilities for unique and enjoyable strategies.
  • An Extended Experience: You can choose from all 21 starters. Your journey will take you through 18 Gym Battles, one for each type of Pokémon.
  • Unique Encounters: Finding Pokémon hiding in grassy areas in the Reborn region is difficult. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get fewer Pokémon to catch. It can be even more fun to find them! You can explore secret locations and rescue them from tricky situations.
  • Online Playing: On Pokemon Reborn, you can battle against friends and strangers in singles and doubles matches using your preferred Field Effects. You can also trade with friends and participate in time-delayed Wondertrades. Although the servers are not flawless, most users should find them enjoyable.
  • More useful Shinies: Fully customized shinies that are much easier to find – with around a 1.07% chance of encountering a shiny.
  • The current release has a playtime of approximately 55+ hours.
  • Huge, precise world
  • Excellent music by GlitchxCity
  • Online Battling + Trading
  • Many, many more!

System Requirement

  • 64-bit OS or Mac 10.12 or later
  • OpenGL 2.1 or later supported
  • 4GB RAM+ 
  • 750MB Hard Drive Space

Pokemon Reborn Download

Size700 MB (approx)

Windows 8 or later:

Make sure your antivirus does not eat game’s updater!

Windows 7 or earlier:

This can also work for later Windows if the above doesn’t


Run the game from the Applications folder


Right click Game.AppImage, choose Properties > Permissions > Allow executing file as program


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