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After the success of the Diamond and Pearl version in the Pokemon series, the creators are back with the Platinum version. Moreover, the Pokemon Platinum version offers a variety of new features and fantastic addition of Legendary Pokemons that will give a scintillating experience to the gamers.

Pokemon Platinum features a transformed Sinnoh region and offers new challenges with exciting variety. Travel across a ravaged landscape and discover clues to solving the mystery of the Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. Encompassing land, sea, and sky, the Distortion World is the hub for the expanding world of Pokemon!

ROM NamePokémon Platinum
Based onDiamond and Pearl

From detailed walkthroughs and fascinating behind-the-scenes info on key Pokémon series characters like Legendary Pokemon Giratina to the latest info and strategies on every aspect of Pokémon gameplay, this is your essential companion for taking on the most challenging battles. 

Story of the Platinum Game

Played on the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Platinum is a compilation of adventures and role-playing. There are many advancements in this game from Diamond and Pearl. It’s a good choice if you’re a fan of Pokemon games or if you want to get into the series.

  • The most striking difference between Platinum and its predecessors is how much of its flavor derives not from that Game Boy series of games we now know as “traditional” Pokémon but from old-school RPGs. 
  • The story focuses on the player character, who has just moved to the land of Sinnoh from the other region and has started a Pokémon journey with his first Pokémon. And three other things are available, a map, a battle screen, and the menu.
  • Apart from it, the player will be provided with the Pokedex for the Pokemons and will continue to battle with the other trainers while roaming in the region.

The graphics in Platinum are similar to those of the previous games but with improved animations. The visuals and audio align with the anime series more than Diamond and Pearl.

Worthy Features of the Game

The Platinum Pokemon game has been designed with new features and ways it will keep the gamers interested in it. Moreover, the third generation Pokemon available in the game separates itself from the Gold and Pearl domain.

  • With the new updates, a Wi-Fi zone has been created in the game where if less than 20 players are present at one time, they can play the Pokémon species-themed mini-games and enjoy it.
  • Furthermore, the players looking to improve in the battles can easily see where they lagged through the VS Recorder available in the game. These fights can be recorded and can be viewed later.
  • Additionally, the players who want to trade for the Pokemons can avail of the Trade option in the game, which helps to trade the desired Pokemons with other sets of the Pokemons.
  • Even the availability of the Legendary Pokemons has been increased in the new version and with the new sets of moves, making the job easier for gamers during the battles.
  • Comparing the Platinum version’s storyline, it is very different from the Gold and Pearl versions. Clearly, the gamers can enjoy the new areas and region where they can roam freely and can capture several Pokemons present over there.

For the Game, the gamers can avail of different features and can even compare it with other versions to see what’s new here. Moreover, the game will require a reasonable time span to be completed fully. checkout Pokemon Unbound GBA rom.

Pokemon Platinum Download


Downloading the Pokemon Platinum Game

The new Pokemon Platinum Game is regarded as a highly competitive game that takes out the best of any gamer.

Moreover, the different and challenging levels are hard to cross and thus require proper attention. Now, to download the game, follow these simple steps

  1. On the browser, type downloads Pokemon Platinum and visit the official website available online.
  2. After this, click on the “Pokémon Platinum Version .msi Installer” to start the downloading process of the game.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, click on the extract file option available to unzip the zipped file.
  4. Once done, a set of instructions will appear in front of the user to install and run the game on the desktop.

The user can start playing the game after following all the instructions closely and carefully on their PC.


An exciting new area awaits you in the Sinnoh region, where time and space get all jumbled up. This new area will challenge even the most battle-tested Trainer, with strange creatures and environments and the particular regions where players can engage in never-be-available activities. You can also check walkthrough of this game.

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