Pokemon Origin Plantium ROM Download

Pokemon origin plantium is a modified version of Pokemon Platinum. Download Pokémon Origin Plantium ROM Latest Version.

ROM NamePokémon Origin Plantium
Based OnPlatinum

Pokemon Origin Plantium Info

Pokemon Origin Platinum is an autonomous hack of Pokemon Platinum made by Lazerith and motivated by the hacks by Drayano. Origin Platinum highlights the ability to collect all 493 Pokemon without having to do any kind of events, trading, or going underground. Want to try GBA ROM? Try Pokemon Radical Red


  • Facility to collect all 493 Pokemon without the use of an external source, while still being able to trade and battle with buddies. Every non-legendary Pokemon can be obtained before the elite four, and various added legendary Pokemon are found in post-game areas.
  • Regigigas no longer needs having the Regis pokemon to catch but has been modified to a fateful battle so that it may allow the player to collect the other Regis Pokemon.
  • Giratina now has a Griseous orb held during you catch him.
  • Things such as Metal Coat, which formerly were given as a held item to enable a Pokemon to evolve by trading can now be utilized to evolve Pokemon in the same manner as the evolution stones.
  • Wurmple now evolves into Silcoon/Cascoon based on its gender.
  • The game now offer a second master ball


I would like to thanks PokeCommunity and its developer to make this awesome and interesting game. All the information and everything is taking from PokeCommunity and the internet.

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