Pokemon Order and Chaos GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Order and Chaos is a very excellent game with so many Fakemons and lots of new things. Download Pokemon Order and Chaos GBA Patched ROM latest version for free.

ROM NamePokemon Order and Chaos
Based OnFire Red

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Pokemon Order and Chaos Story

War, scarcity, and sickness troubled the Mando territories’ early settlers as the God Dragon Chaosotra abused the land. Ultimately, the more fabulous Dragon of the People, Orderana, beat the chaos demon, and civilisation started.

Year 0 -A prediction is made saying that if the region happens to chaos once more, a chosen 15-year-old with his area’s surname shall govern and free the land from evil.

Year 500 -Mando divided into two areas from regional variations and the death of the king. The two regions became identified as Mandata and Endo. Racism had emerged as a severe difficulty for generations. Usually, the most powerful and most popular man is crowned when a bloodline dies out, but no side desired to give the other side power. There was no leader. War developed out, and the people worried the legendary God Dragon of Chaos might have returned to punish them.

Year 515 -Afraid, they turn to the prediction and know that there is a child with the respected surname in both regions. The only problem is that there are not one but two children of the same age and blood in both areas, twins. Only happening able to select one hero to be crowned the winner of the entire Mando region, the twins must stand against one another. The more qualified will be blessed and start his quest to prove he is the most powerful by collecting badges and challenging the Frontier League. Once he is a winner, he will enslave the other province and be worshipped as a God.

You are one of the twins the prediction spoke of, and tomorrow you shall face your brother in a pokemon contest to decide who will represent the Endo regio


I would like to thanks PokeCommunity and Creator for providing me with the stuff and making Pokemon Order and Chaos ROM. All the information is taken from PokeCommunity.

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