Pokémon Nova Silver GBA ROM Download

Pokémon Nova Silver is a customizable game of fire red. Download Pokémon Nova Silver GBA Patched ROM latest version.

ROM NamePokemon Nova Silver
Based OnFire Red
CreatorEx Snagem Wes
VersionBeta 1.1

Pokemon Nova Silver Info

The game’s primary law is to create the BST of all fully evolved Pokémon 600, starting the game to be played by utilizing any Pokémon you want. The game also highlights newer abilities, Pokemon, moves, and more! Also highlighted are brand-new trademark moves for every Pokémon line intended to synergize with Pokémon’s abilities, Pokedex entries, and other Nintendo media data. Increased move pools for many Pokémon Fire Red. Checkout Pokemon Amaryllis


  • Physical Special Split
  • All entirely developed Pokémon have a BST of 600 with mostly scaled stats
  • All 807 Pokémon, excluding non-Ultra Beast legendaries
  • Numerous changed abilities
  • Automatic Mega Evolution
  • HM moves are now deletable
  • Trade evolution has been replaced with a Link Cable
  • New Mega Evolutions
  • Most Pokémon evolutionary lines have at least 1 sign move that plays off of the Pokémon’s stats and abilities
  • HM moves are now deletable
  • TMS is now reusable
  • New TM moves
  • New Move Tutor moves
  • Many moves have been polished
  • Some shinies have been improved or replaced
  • Gyarados has recovered its Beta name, Skulkraken

I would like to thanks Reddit and the developer of this game to make this awesome ROM. All the information is taken from Reddit

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