Pokemon Light Platinum ROM

Are Searching for Pokemon game full of adventure and action then you are reading the
right article. In this article we have featured Pokemon Light Platinum a fan made Pokemon game that is free to play and is one of the best game Pokemon adventure game. Pokemon Light Platinum download is one of the best rom of time. This game is a perfect game for a pokemon lover.

What is Pokemon Light Platinum ?

ROM NamePokémon Light Platinum
DeveloperWesley FG

It is a fan made game based on the original title ‘ Pokemon Ruby (English) ‘. Pokemon Light Platinum is available for GBA ( Game Boy Advance ) but can be played on Mobile and PC devices using emulator supporting GBA ROMs. Pokemon Light Platinum has shown a great improvements in graphics and sprites when compared to original version Pokemon Ruby.

Pokemon Light Platinum is a great game for Pokemon fans who wants to enjoy Pokemon Ruby gameplay with more features and improvements. The story of this game is very good than other games. Very character is designed with a great script. You will be going to see a lot of characters that create very special events in this game. Very one in this game has a specific role. Pokemon Radical Red have not any new story like this.


  • Pokemon from different generations – It has Pokemon’s from generation one to five. Pokemon’s from these generations are available in wild and can be interacted and caught by the players.
  • Pokemon’s from different Regions – There are Pokemon’s from regions of Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh and Unova . Players can explore , catch , battle and trade Pokemon from these regions in game.
  • New Regions – Pokemon Light Platinum has two new regions of Zhery and Lauren that can be explored be players in game . With introduction to new regions in Pokemon Light Platinum new rivals, new gyms and new terrain .
  • Graphic Improvements and New Sprites – It has great improvements in graphics and introduction of new sprites and tile sets has taken the experience to a next level.
  • Legendary Pokemon – Pokemon Light Platinum has many legendary Pokemon’s that can be seen in game. These legendary Pokemon’s can be interacted in game and battles can be fought with them.
  • Pokemon World Championships – This game has introduced a unique event in game called as ‘ Pokemon World Championships ‘. Pokemon World Championships is a in game event that can be played by gamers during the story line . Players participate in Pokemon World Championships with there Selected Pokemon’s and fight to be the world champion in game

Pokemon Light Platinum Download



Pokemon Light Platinum is a Pokemon fan made game. This game is support by GBA (Game Boy Advance) but can also be played on different platforms using suitable emulator. This game has shown a great improvement in game graphics with introduction of new sprites and tile sets. In this rom you will Pokemon’s from different generations and regions.

This game has introduced new regions named as Zhery and Lauren with new rivals, new gyms and more. Many legendary Pokemons that can be seen in game and introduced a event called as Pokemon World Championships in game .It is advisable to users to obtain original game copy using trusted sources or original download links of game publishers .

I would like to thank the developer and PokeCommunity. Everything is taken from PokeCommunity and Internet.

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