Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate GBA ROM Download

I did not need to tell you about Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate, As the information of this game is given below so make sure to read it. Download Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate GBA Patched ROM latest Version.

ROM NamePokémon Kanlara Ultimate
Based OnFire Red
Version21st January 2020 update

Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate Story

Kanlara is the region where you were born. You grow up here, and you meet up with your youth friend and competitor. You are notified that the Professor wants to see both of you. At the Lab, Professor Woke lets you know that clearly, Kanlara is under crime by a group known as Team Rocket.

You take your first Pokemon, and unitedly you and your opponent set out on your Journey. You aim to become the most fantastic trainer you can. But also to place a rip in Team Rocket’s ideas.

Later, it becomes evident that Team Rocket is obtaining too much power. The complete destiny of Kanlara will hold on to your arm as you start on your path towards the final battle that will decide it all. Also Checkout this great rom based on Fire Red “Pokémon Radical Red“.


  • Travel the new areas of Kanlara
  • Enjoy a new story
  • Catch and face around 430 different Pokémon from generations 1-7
  • P/S/S split, EXP on Pokémon capture, Moving Indoors
  • Increased move list featuring unique moves such as Shift Gear, Coil, X-Scissor
  • Custom TM list
  • The Fairy type and a brand new type called ‘Demon’ have been fulfilled
  • 30+ original Demon Pokémon
  • Original moves with custom move effects, these are particular to Demon Pokémon



Kanlara Ultimate is the sister game to Kanlara Adventures. It is thought to provide the most fun idea of searching the region of Kanlara yet.

Demon Pokémon are kinds of normal Pokémon – think of them as regional forms. They get a new type against evolving, advanced stats, sometimes unique ability, and more. They are more potent than regular Pokémon but are hard to get. They are not forced against the player or wanted to use to beat the game. But the lore is told in-game, and some Trainers will use Demon Pokémon upon you. Try using Fairy or Steel types to Face Demon Pokémons.

Yes, after getting a Magnet. The Pikachu will battle you if you talk to it again. Keep in brain that this is the single method to obtain a Pikachu in this game, so try to grab it.

I would like to thanks PokeCommunity and the developer to make this awesome ROM. All the information is taken from PokeCommunity.

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