Pokemon Jade [Completed]

Pokemon Jade is a Fan Made game base on RPG Maker XP. It has a very intresting storyline. Many of features had been enhaced for player. This game is made with efforts of many months.

Game NamePokémon Jade
TypeRPG Maker XP

Pokemon Jade Story

Team Wild is a team of rebel robbers who largely scourge around Goldwhite Desert in the eastward bounds of Ario. They’re regularly searching for something. The player gently gets information on Team Wild’s ultimate plan.

It appears that below in the ruins of Goldwhite Desert lies a powerful and mysterious legendary Pokemon. However, the only way to face this Pokemon is by using a key buried someplace in the mystery of Ario. Several puzzles spread throughout the region. If done and pieced together, lead one to the key needed to unleash this creature.

Team Wild’s leader desires to catch this mythical Pokemon because it has the excellent capability to wipe the memory of whole populations. The leader wants to use this capability to wipe the Pokemon world’s memory of how people should treat Pokemon. He wants to create a new society where Pokemon are used as currency and slaves of sorts. He’ll be on top of the ladder in this contemporary society. He will become the owner of the rarest and unique Pokemon in all of Ario. It’s up to your responsibility to stop Team Wild. Checkout Ganster New Orleans Open World Android game.


  • 125 New Pokemon – The Ario Region is populated only by Pokemon local to its land, based on beautiful Australia. In this tropical region, you’ll discover tons of new looks to bond with! The number is subject to change, could be more or less.
  • 8 Gyms, Elite Four, and a Champion – The game reflects the traditional system, but don’t worry; each gym leader will come with exciting puzzles and challenges galore!
  • Entirely Original Region – Ario is like no other region in the original Pokemon games. It highlights multiple climates and atmospheres that’ll keep the gameplay feeling new.
  • Custom UI – Several gameplay mechanics have changed to have a new, custom UI.


I would like to Thanks Developer and PokeCommunity to make Pokemon Jade.

Source:- PokeCommunity

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