Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an exciting game to play for every gamer who loves challenges. Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion completed version rom. It allows players to create their unique Pokemon by combining different parts from two or more existing Pokemon.

The game features various battles, including single, double, and triple battles and team battles. Players can also customize their Pokemon’s moves and abilities to create a more unique and powerful creature.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Details

This fan-made game allows you to combine two Pokemon from different regions, creating a unique and powerful new creature. This game features a huge selection of Pokemon parts, multiple options, and various customization options. 

You can also use the Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM hack to edit your team’s moves, stats, and abilities. This Pokemon hack features a wide variety of Pokemon, ranging from Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo and Groudon to newer forms like Zekrom and Reshiram. It provides an incredibly fun and creative way for franchise fans to enjoy the game. Pokemon Fire Ash is another fan-made game you should try.


  • Each permutation of Pokémon has its distinct appearance, set of abilities, and Pokédex entry.
  • The number of permutations is 176 400. It opens a world of possibilities for building a new and different squad with each run.
  • It Includes all Pokémon and their evolutions through Generations 1 and 2, plus the full rosters of the next 101 generations.
  • The community has produced almost 20,000 unique sprites.
  • In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, there is a total of 16 badges. Do battle with all 16 Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders.
  • Coverage of the Kanto region, plus remote places and gen Imaginative Visuals, Counting to Four or Five.
  • A Look Back at Johto’s Ending Keep exploring the Johto area three years before Gold and Silver’s events take place.
  • Resulting Sevii Islands Discover some rare Pokémon on the Sevii Islands.
  • Famous Pokémon
  • There are 25 Mythical Pokémon to find and catch.
  • It’s possible to give Pokémon nicknames right from the settings menu.
  • Expansions numbering in the 40s
  • It is possible to engage in a rematch with an NPC or make a trade with them after a successful The rematched NPCs get stronger with each match and can eventually develop their Pokémon.
  • Somewhat like a fairy
  • Trading platform simulator by WonderTrade
  • Quicker Day/Night cycle
  • Participate in the Battle Factory, the Triple Battle Lounge, and more battling facilities!
  • Acceleration toggle built-in
  • The Two-Hour Classical or the One-Hour Random?
  • A unique method of playing the game that reverses the fusions of all trainers.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

Game NamePokémon Infinite Fusion
Based onFan made

Important Note – Please check out DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION file first to enjoy the latest version of the game.

Creator’s Note – When you launch the game, it takes a bit of time to load all sprites

Check Changelog

Different Version


This version includes the complete game and automatically downloads the latest custom sprites (custom and generated) from the internet while playing. If you need help deciding which version to choose and are okay with being online while playing, this is the one for you. The latest custom sprites will be downloaded as you play the game.

This option is ideal for those with limited storage space on their device and who want to avoid downloading the entire game simultaneously. Additionally, playing the light version can be an excellent way to test the game before committing to purchasing the full version.

It is recommended to download this game version if you want to play the latest version. The Creator also advises using this while playing pokemon infinite fusion on Android.


This is the full version of the game, with all the sprites pre-downloaded for offline play. Beware, as this download has over 200,000 image files, which can cause performance issues.

Pick this one if you cannot play the game while connected to the internet and have a decent computer. Additionally, ensure you have enough storage space on your device, as the file size is large(around 1-2 GB).


You can use this to update your pokemon infinite fusion game to a newer version. You must first need one of the older full versions to install the patch. If you want to update to the most recent version of the game after previously installing an older one, choose this option.

Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes or problems during the installation process. It’s also advised to back up your game data before updating to ensure all potential progress is maintained.


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