Pokemon Fuligin GBA ROM Download

Want to play Pokemon Fuligin? Here you can download Pokemon Fuligin GBA ROM latest and a complete version for free. It is one of the completed games that is with a new storyline, maps, etc.

ROM NamePokemon Fuligin
Based OnFire Red

Pokemon Fuligin Story

You are a young boy or girl who lives together with your mother and brother in ALORA’s small town. Professor Oak has a research lab there. The story starts essentially like the first fire red with getting your first pokemon and Pokedex. Everything is the same, but there is some twist. You soon find that your brother is involved with a group rocket and drags you into trouble as well. He later convinces you to join them since, hey, they’re not so bad. It would be best if you then worked. Your way upward through the ranks and finally lead the team rocket. Meanwhile, a couple of pokemon bent on world control run widespread and terrorize the people.

The developer working on this hack for over a year and a half, and it is now complete. So go on the original thread and provide you love if you like this ROM. I will recommend you checkout Pokemon Normal, It is also an awesome and completed ROM.


  • All Pokemon in the Very First 3 gens are Offered
  • Don’t need to exchange to evolve some other Pokemon
  • Play to the side of team rocket
  • New gym leaders and elite 4
  • Gradually increasing difficulty
  • Roughly 30 hours of gameplay

Screenshots of Pokemon Fuligin


Here are some question and their answer regarding Pokemon Fuligin

Go speak with the policeman who is walking around underneath the Brox City fitness center.

In this game you will find evolution stone. You can buy them in the large mart located in Largas City.

Get a bicycle from Xero City, and return to Elemis City through Reinbort Town. Once there you’ll get a female team rocket member that will let you know what to do to the assignment. Once you finished that assignment report back to her, and no need to return to Giovanni.

After you defeat the gym Largas City that you can go through Destul Town and there’ll be a karate man on Course 24 who gives you strength move.

When you have conquered the Elite 4. You can talk to the scientist man in Vino Town and he’ll provide you a rock smash move.

You find flash hidden on a rock in Flash Cave which is between Elemis City and Ciprus Town

You get HM02 fly in Nemu Town. A girl in a building there gives it to you.

She moves once you reveal this other old lady a Salamence. The woman who wishes to see Salamence is in Ember Spa, also you can grab a Bagon in Victory Road.

You have to help a young girl in a building in Largas City by providing a letter to her. The boy you send the letter to must provide you the Exp. Share.

These were some FAQ of this game. I like to thanks the Pokecommunity and Creator to develop and complete this rom.

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