Pokemon Emerald’s Eight

Pokemon Emerald’s Eight is a game that is made for experiments. Download this ROM, play, and comment down your opinion.

ROM NamePokémon Emerald’s Eight
Based OnEmerald

VirusTotal:- Check

Pokemon Emerald’s Eight Info

As I already told you, it is an experiment-hack of the base Pokemon Emerald experience. All of the mainline mandatory battles are playable, but there is some change with a party size of 8 pokemon not only on the player’s side but on the enemy trainer parties as well. This means the story of this game is similar to emerald, but there are some changes in features. If you want a game like this, then try Pokemon Fused Dimension.


  • Party size increased to 8 pokemons on both player and enemy.
  • New 4/4 party new manu layout.
  • Gen 6+ Exp. Share Avilable.
  • You will find some Custom gym leader, elite 4 and champion 8-member teams.
  • You can see Reusable TM’s.
  • You can run inside the house
  • New music on gym leader battles
  • Starter Tyrogue along with the basic starter of choice
  • You can catch all 386 pokemon
  • Forgettable HM’s
  • Evolution stones sold on Petalburg pokemart


I would like to thanks the developer and PokeCommunity for making Pokemon Emerald’s Eight. Everything is taken from PokeCommunity and Internet.

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