Pokemon DarkFire GBA Rom Download

Some passionate game makers make Pokemon DarkFire. Download Pokemon DarkFire GBA Patched ROM latest version for free. The developer put all the information and talent to make this ROM hack, so you must try this game.

ROM NamePokemon DarkFire
LanguageEnglish and Español
Based OnEmerald
VersionBeta 1.0.4
CreatorKarl, Ray Maverick

Pokemon DarkFire Story

Pokémon has been performing unusual recently. Some are also going missing entirely from their trainers. Others won’t reply to their trainer’s instructions. The region’s most impressive scientists have criticised this disease on a brutal Pokémon virus. However, any data is non-conclusive.

Your Story

You are a teen living in the beautiful city of Tenjo, east of Hoenn. After defending the local professor’s buildings from a Rattata infestation, your big friend, Tyler, estimates it is a good idea to discover the area and its beauty.

After touring the Tenjo Government Offices, he starts to believe the government is hiding something from the citizens, and so he leaves, obviously following his calling. After this, You begin to see symbols of the suspicious man who faced you wherever.

He then reports you to “stick with it” and leaves. From this level, each time you fall against Tyler, he seems to be appearing frequently more surprisingly. After visiting the Tenjo Government Offices, he thinks the federal government is hiding one thing from the peoples, so he leaves, seemingly following his private calling. After this, You start to view symbols of the suspicious man who faced you in all areas.

The twist in Pokemon DarkFire

One day in your journey, the message reveals out that Tyler has gone missing. Considering that he was trying to show the Tenjo governments due to his personal plot theories, it’s clear that it doesn’t sound good, and so that you set off to search out him.

As you meet new mates, they start to help you to find Tyler. However, frightful things are about to discover. You’ll be linked in hidden battling. These type of fights have no laws. Members make Pokémon fight to the death for wealth, strength and glory, and the crime rate is at an all-time high.

Through events-twists and entire freak-outs, you will feel everything from harsh underground battles to missing legendaries and missing personalities. Some say a person is running the undercover corruption. Others say no person can be so cold, and it is an evil Pokémon stretching the strings.

Who will be the head of this evil group? Is the government actually up to no good? Where is Tyler? Why are the Pokémon appearing so oddly?


  • Brand New Region to Search!
  • Fully Custom Music
  • Gen 7 Battle Mechanics
  • Double Wild Battles
  • Beautiful Battle Experiences
  • Gyms Displaced With Battle Tournaments
  • EXP From Catching Pokémon
  • Dizzyegg’s Wondrous Battle Engine
  • Dark & Gritty Storyline
  • Unconfined TMs
  • 252 EV Cap
  • Stat Nature Colors
  • Running Indoors
  • Battle Tournaments Are Randomized
  • Brand New Movement Mechanics


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