Pokemon Cyan GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Cyan is a hacked version ROM of fire red with a brand new region, Celia. Download Pokemon Cyan GBA ROM patched the latest version for free. In this ROM, you will find the perfect mixture of Pokemon and Fakemon.

ROM NamePokemon Cyan
Based OnFire Red
VersionBeta 3(7 GYM)

Pokemon Cyan Story

Team Rocket was earlier a strong team in Kanto, until one time, a boy named Red beat them in their camp- Silph Co. and moved to defeat their boss again in his GYM. The head left, and Team Rocket passed into the shadows. Three years later, they tackled the region of Johto and took their radio tower, but newly, a boy named Gold defeated them. The last of Team Rocket lastly destroyed and the areas were calm once again. Now Giovanni has arrived back and reformed Team Rocket from the vault and started an attack on the region of Celia. Pokémon have been mysteriously escaping from Celia, what’s appearing to them?

It’s your 12th birthday, indicating that you are lastly approved to go on a Pokémon trip. Just like you have ever desired! You get a Pokémon and go out to collect badges. Become a Pokémon Master, and get all the Pokémon in the Pokédex! Whilst going through the Celia island, you fall against team rocket. Who was trying to catch Regice (one of the legendary Regis)? You soon discover their plans. Whether to enter team rocket and help them reach their goals, or allow the Regis to save Celia. What will YOU decide?


  • Explore the hot and unusual Celia island
  • The return of Dive and Whirlpool HMs
  • Lots new Fakémon
  • 4th and 5th Gen Pokémon
  • Some Berry trees
  • Sidequests
  • Unique Music
  • Decision-based Storyline
  • Some New Moves/Abilities
  • Some Physical/Special Split
  • New Updated Graphics
  • Custom ASM


FAQ For Pokemon Cyan

When it is completed. Release dates are not always likely to be true.

The developer had stop it because I was not pleased with the standard of it.

If you believe you’ve got something to provide me (mostly spriting), send developer a PM and allow me to know. Message Developer in PokeCommunity.

I would like to thanks the creator and Pokecommunity to provide me with this stuff. All the Information is taken from PokeCommunity. If you want to try the new game then checkout Pokemon Normal.

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