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If you’re a fan of Pokemon games, you’ll want to check out Pokemon Crystal ROM. This game was released on the Game Boy Color in 2000 and takes place in the Johto region. Download Pokemon Crystal ROM Version and enjoy the game.

It features new Pokemon, locations, and gameplay mechanics does not present in previous Pokemon games. Fans of the series should give it a try.

Pokemon Crystal ROM Information

Pokemon Crystal is the second game in a series of third-version games that began with Pokemon Yellow. In this installment, players get to revisit the Johto saga. Despite being a third version, Crystal introduced many features that have become staples of the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Crystal prominently features the legendary dog Suicune. It has a more intricate storyline than its previous versions, which continues in Ruby, Sapphire, and other later titles. The game introduces new characters and revamps some old dungeons. Additionally, players have more opportunities to catch diverse Pokemon through in-game events or changes in their habitats.

Pokemon Crystal ROM is a fantastic game that takes everything great about Pokemon Gold and Silver and makes it even better. You especially love that it’s the first Pokemon game to feature animated sprites. It makes the game feel more alive and immersive. And, of course, being able to choose your gender at the start of the game is a huge plus. It’s always nice to have that level of customization in a game. Checkout pokemon xenoverse for new story and latest graphics.


As a young Trainer embarking on your Pokemon journey, your ultimate goal is to become the Champion of the Johto region. Your adventure begins in the quaint town of New Bark, where you receive your first Pokemon from Professor Elm. From there, you travel around Johto, facing off against Gym Leaders and earning badges. As you journey, you forge new friendships and uncover the mysteries of legendary Pokemon Suicune. With determination and skill, you can rise to the challenge and become the Champion of Johto. The journey will be challenging, but the reward is worth it.


  • Players can now play as a female trainer and a male trainer. This introduces new playable character choices.
  • Pokemon Crystal has animated sprites for each, making them look more lively and animated.
  • It is introducing the Battle Tower: – a fresh feature that lets players face off in single or double battles against other trainers. This exciting gameplay is designed for experienced players who seek a challenging adventure.
  • Time System: The game has an internal clock that mirrors real-world time and impacts the gameplay. For instance, specific Pokemon are only accessible during certain times of the day.
  • The storyline of Suicune: The game’s narrative centers around the legendary Pokemon Suicune, which holds a significant role.
  • Graphics: The graphics of Pokemon Crystal ROM have been improved compared to the previous generation. The backgrounds and environments are now more detailed.
  • Pokegear: Introducing Pokegear, a revolutionary device that lets players easily manage their Pokemon, keep tabs on time and date, and communicate with other in-game characters.
  • Wireless Trading: Pokemon Crystal enables players to trade Pokemon wirelessly between Game Boy Color consoles, eliminating the need for a link cable.

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