Pokemon Crown (GBA) Download

Pokemon Crown developed my blash comes with totally new gaming experience than other ROMS. Dowload Pokemon Crown Pre-Patched Version and try this new game.

This rom have new fight engine, which was inspired by Auto Chess, you will rediscover each Pokémon. Play against entertaining and distinctive teams with your Pokémon while planning your synergy, positioning, and type matchups!


Pokémon Crown is a completely different way to play. Even though it’s still a traditional RPG with a focus on exploration. It have something that is genuinely one of a kind by combining various features from other genres, despite the fact that the game is still primarily focused on exploration. In Pokémon Crown, you will have the opportunity to explore each Pokémon and how they interact with one another in our newly designed battle engine, which was inspired by Auto Chess. You will enjoy it like Pokemon Infinite Fusion.


Pokemon Crown takes place in the huge and magical Region of Guelder. As a stronghold with lots of resources, Guelder was pulled into a long war. Guelder won after a long time, but it didn’t come for free… As the area was getting back on its feet, the King’s Diviner told the king that the kingdom would have both a bright and a dark future. With the help of these visions, the King realised that if nothing changed, the kingdom would always be at war.

At the King’s order, the Crown League is formed as the first Pokémon League. As Guelder’s borders open up to the rest of the world, many strong trainers from other places have come to test their strength. Can you win the Crown Challenge by achieving greatness? All Pokémon battles in the Guelder region are done in a special way called a Crown Battle. Become Guelder’s Champion by getting good at this battle mode.

In Pokémon Crown, you can explore the huge Guelder region, learn about its history, and join a number of guilds to learn the tricks of their trades.


  • Battle engine has been completely redone. (No more fighting by turns!)
  • A unique way to battle with Pokémon from all generations
  • Online PvP
  • For auto-battle combat, there are new items and new versions of old ones.
  • Changes to how catching works
  • Each UI is completely unique.
  • Things that happen during the day and night
  • Boss fights, the Quest System, and Challenge Modes
  • Almost everything is new, so this list could go on.

Pokemon Crown Download

Rom NamePokémon Crown
Based OnFire Red
VersionBeta 1 v9

Note – This game is under development, if you want to try then you can download Beta version.


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