Pokemon Cloud White 3 ROM Download

If you had played the earlier Series of this ROM, then you know the joy of this ROM. It is one of the most popular series which is preferred by me. Download Pokemon Cloud White 3 GBA Patched ROM For Free.

ROM NamePokemon Cloud White 3
Based OnFire Red

Pokemon Cloud White 3 Story

The summary begins after the end story of Pokémon Cloud White 2. Be prepared to find four new regions: Kaido, Hoenn, Johto, But also Kanto and Kibuto in the development of Cloud White Origins! During your tour, you’ll decide to discover Sarutobi. Your left opponent from the previous opus. Your inquiry will point you to Kaido island. The births place of the most famous criminal group “Team Rocket” Corruption, opponent, fight and strength. That’s everything remaining for you in the world of Pokémon. If you are looking for Rom like this, then check out “Pokemon Normal Version.”


Here are the features of Pokemon cloud white 3. The features will blow you thoughts.

  • Four regions(Sinnoh, Sevii, Seto, Kouros)
  • Unknown areas
  • Open World (Seto, Sinnoh and Kouros)
  • More than 60 hours of Plot
  • Gen 1 to Gen 7 Pokémon. Each catchable.
  • Mega evolution
  • Pokémon Universe figures (Ash Ketchum, Misty, Giovanni, Elm, etc.)
  • Physical Exclusive split
  • Increased money limit
  • Increased bag limit
  • New things and evolutionary ways
  • Improved difficulty
  • Honey trees
  • Berry trees
  • Fairy type
  • The Pokémon World Tournament
  • The player is handling your enemy before the fight.
  • Day and Night System
  • Run anywhere!
  • Infinite TM
  • A bonus Premier Ball is given for every bought of 10 Pokéballs
  • Experience points are earned after capture.
  • Automatic re-use of repel
  • All climates available
  • Max level up to 200
  • Unique graphic styles
  • New fight backgrounds
  • Modern battle boxes
  • New text boxes
  • New Bags with an increased storage limit
  • New Pokémon menu
  • New Trainer Card and Badges
  • New boot screen and Title screen
  • New trainer sprites


I will wish to thanks creator and Pokecommunity to offering these stuff and making Pokemon cloud white 3. All the information is taken from PokeCommunity If you want then checkout Guide and Pokemon location list.

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