Pokémon Battle Labrynth GBA ROM Download

The game is based on the Unova region. You must try out this game. Download Pokémon Battle Labrynth GBA Patched ROM latest version and enjoy it.

ROM NamePokémon Battle Labrynth
Based OnEmerald
VersionJust released on 21st October 2020

Pokémon Battle Labrynth Story

You have been asked to join in an operation run by Dr Colress of the Unova region. He has created a specific simulation for only the most powerful of trainers, called the Pokemon Battle Labyrinth! Battle your way into a gauntlet of challenge rooms. And Control your sources, and build a team of Pokemon generations 1-7. In this unusual, arcade-Esque ROM hack. If you want some exciting ROM then try Pokemon Cyan.


  • A complete departure from the default 8 Gyms, Elite Four, evil team game order. This ROM Hack is determined to emulate the RPG dungeon crawling way of other games.
  • All Pokemon from generation one to seven are ready for capture, including Alolan forms.
  • Pokemon have been rebalanced or improved in some way, through their base stats, abilities.
  • Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine, which appears with the generation 7 battle engine, as well as functional Mega Evolution.
  • An optional Nuzlocke mode, fully executed with Dupes Clause, Species Clause, and Shiny Clause.
  • An accent on exciting gameplay and resource control over the story. Expect tricky puzzles, challenging bosses, and great prizes.
  • Soft level caps designed to maintain strategy over grinding, as well as a balanced level curve suited to a full party of six Pokemon.
  • Shops that assist your every need! Buy almost every item in the game and use special services.
  • Quality of life features include but are not limited


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