Pokémon Azure Horizons GBA ROM Download

Pokémon Azure Horizons is an efficient ROM made by Frostbite. This game was the first game of the developer. Download Pokémon Azure Horizons GBA Patched Rom.

ROM NamePokémon Azure Horizons
Based OnFire Red
CreatorFrostbite / Dewgong
VersionBeta 2(Unofficial)

Pokémon Azure Horizons Story

After months of expecting, you get your approval letter to the regional league. Finally, the opportunity to follow in the footprints of your brother, a famous Pokémon trainer. With the goal setting. You enter to start your journey as a Pokémon trainer improving with each challenge. You are going your way through the ranks and the peak. But, as soon as your journey begins, something has appeared. A disturbance takes place. Strange Pokémon trainers have been working around the region making destruction.

Their goal, yet, is out of the regular. What it is currently is unknown. Will it contrast with your own? Along the way. You will face people who can either help or prevent you on your journey. There is higher to them than you first guessed. If you are looking for ROM Like this, then checkout Pokemon Cyan.

Note – The official Beta 2 goes as much as the city with the fourth gymnasium, Hazel Town. The unofficial model by hacksrepairman finishes the rest of the game concurrently with bug fixes.


  • New Region –  Entire new region of Zephyr complete with diverse areas for you to explore!
  • Many Pokémon – A superb portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokémon might be obtainable.
  • Team Tundra – An completely new “evil” teamD/P Features – A couple of options from Diamond & Pearl might be carried over.
  • Sprite Changes – Pokemon sprites from D/P might be carried over and utilized to pick Pokemon.
  • New Music – Tracks from R/S/E might be on this recreation. Some completely new ones may as effectively too!
  • Decapitalization – Decapitalized names of things, assaults, space names, and so forth.
  • Events & Sidequests – Entirely new and contemporary occasions and sidequests to maintain you busy!
  • More Trainer Battle Themes – Much like R/S/E, this hack could have several battle themes for particular Trainers.
  • Running in Buildings – Just like D/P/P!


I will like to thanks the PokeCommunity and the developer for providing me with this stuff. All the information is taken from PokeCommunity. Did not forget to give your opinion about the game in the comment section.

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