Pokémon Alternate Evolutions ROM Download

Pokémon Alternate Evolutions is a pretty good ROM. It has a fair amount of best Pokémon and its evolution. Download Pokémon Alternate Evolutions GBA Rom Latest Version For Free.

ROM NamePokémon Alternate Evolutions
Based OnFire Red

Pokémon Alternate Evolutions GBA ROM

The developer did not clarify its story, but you can expect the same story as fire red. There will be the same story and map as fire red. But in this ROM, there will be enough quantity of modification. I will give you all the details about it.

You will discover 272 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 5. In this game, many Pokemon have different evolutions. Pokemon have revised BST and Movesets. Some have new skills. The Starters are Chikorita, Charmander, and Squirtle. You can purchase a pokemon from the game corner. You are not going to get Lapras in Silph Co or purchase Magikarp in Route 4. Also, the Fighting Dojo prize is totally different (higher). There is a similar game, ” Pokemon Eternal Snow,” which has the same story.

Map Changed

  • There is grass in some cities, discover!
  • All locations you may go to earlier than visiting the Elite are edited.
  • Only the primary 3 Sevii Islands are accessible.
  • There is a brand new Siddique inserted into the sport. It begins at Pewter City and ends after the Elite 4! I promise the reward for searching is excellent.

Trainers And Gym Leader

In Pokémon Alternate Evolutions, one can find quite many changes in trainer battle and gym batter. I will explain everything to you. All trainers have edited groups. The developer tried to make the sport difficult however not not possible. Almost each route/cave has a minimum of one “boss” coach smarter than the remaining. They have higher transfer units and may use gadgets. These “bosses” are often the final of the route, however not all the time. There a number of further “hidden” trainers that give a stuff. Gary will act like an everyday coach. That is, he’ll catch quite a lot of Pokemon, so you will discover his workforce modifications between battles. You could also be shocked within the battle earlier than Victory Road.

Some Tips and Information

Here is a few suggestions that may help you while playing Pokémon Alternate Evolutions.

  • Don’t overlook any Pokemon since it could evolve into one thing cool.
  • Use evolution stones! All Pokemon that evolve from stones continue learning strikes, so do not be afraid (although I like to recommend ready for stage 30 typically since they often do not know something earlier than).
  • Use the fishing rod. There aren’t many water Pokemon within the grass, and also, you get the previous rod early. The developer modified the fishing encounters to will let you get respectable water varieties with each rod.
  • Talk to NPC’s
  • You Must speak to the man that advises the gyms.
  • The grass under Pallet Town is a grinding place.
  • Explore locations to search out secret trainers.
  • The trainers’ ranges are hacked, supposing you play the sport within the subsequent order.

That all. I will like to thanks tapatalk and the developer for providing me everything. I recommend you to checkout Ofiicial Pokedex for extra info

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